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The Internet is no longer a technology, but a way of living. Mouse clicks have replaced shopping malls made of bricks and mortar. Being visible on the Internet is no longer an option, but a matter of survival for businesses. 

SEO Company in Chennai helps your business thrive organically. We can help increase traffic or achieve brand recognition for your website by bolting it with the right choice of targeted keywords that your customers most use to find businesses or products that you are offering. Our long-standing experience in making several newly launched climb to the top of search results will definitely brush off in making your website rank for the most relevant online searches.


3 Reasons Why You Need To
Hire An SEO Agency in Chennai

Targeted Traffic

SEO can drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Conversion ratio of organic traffic is very high and this will increase the ROI of your business.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is one of the key factors for the success of businesses. Our SEO services will ensure your brand is well known in your specific industry.

Qualified Leads

We can generate high quality leads for your business with our top rated SEO services in Chennai. Majority of the Leads obtained through SEO are ready to buy immediately.

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We Build Businesses, Not Just Websites

Whether the website is for your business or the website is the business, our SEO specialists in Chennai can turbo-charge its SEO friendliness with proven whitehat SEO techniques. We pick the right keywords with maximum search volume as well as those can trump competition at their own game.

Our team of specialists for competitor analysis, keyword research, campaign planning, content creation & curation and web optimization will ensure that your business is built to withstand the fierce competition of the Internet. We offer full service digital marketing services.

Don’t waste time any further. Talk to our SEO experts in Chennai and find out how we can make your websites rank at the top.

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SEO Strategy

Generate Leads With Our
Result Driven SEO Strategy In Chennai

Being a result oriented SEO Company in Chennai, our talented seo experts create step-by-step search engine optimization strategy to improve website rankings and drive more traffic to the websites.

Complete SEO Audit

A Complete SEO Audit performed by our seo experts in Chennai will find your website's strength and weakness. Once we know this important information, we will create a custom Search Engine Optimization strategy to fix all the issues found on the websites. From technical issues on the website to duplicate content issue, we will fix everything to boost your website's performance.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important factor for SEO. We will do a full keyword research and collect the most profitable keywords related to your product or service. Our at experts at the best seo agency in Chennai will optimize your website and rank it for the finalized keywords no matter how high the competition for the keywords.

Competitor Research

Being a bespoke seo company in Chennai, we use many high end competitor research tools and software to analyze your competitor. Competitor research will reveal the strategies of your competitor, their strength and weakness. Knowing their strategy will help us create a even better SEO strategy to outrank them on the search engines for our targeted keywords.

On Page Optimization

We will start with on page seo optimization and update the site seo title, meta description, H1, H2 Tags, fix https issues, improve the site speed etc,. Our seo experts at the leading seo company in Chennai will also optimize the website content with keywords, images, add multi media content, create internal links to relevant web pages and create robots.text and sitemap.

Off Page Optimization

Off Page SEO optimization is the art of building backlinks to the website from high quality 3rd party websites. We at Growth Coven, use AI tools to find the best link building opportunities and create backlinks to the website. Our SEO Specialists in Chennai ensure no spam links are created and monitor the quality of backlinks on a regular baisis.

Local SEO

Local SEO is optimizing the Google My Business profile to rank high on the local pack and google maps. We are the top local seo experts in Chennai and our experts will create a complete GMB profile and optimize it to rank for all the location based keywords. Our Local SEO Experts in Chennai will ensure you receive more calls and visits to your business.

Measure & Report

We measure various KPI using tools like google analytics, heap, semrush etc to measure the impact of our seo activities. Our team will create and share custom weekly and monthly reports the on going activities, keyword ranking improvements, backlink generation report and website traffic report.

Analyze & Improve

Key to success is analyzing the important metrics and make necessary changes to the seo strategy to achieve the desirable result. Our team will implement necessary changes and monitor and measure results till the results are achieved. We will continue with monthly ongoing seo activities to drive more traffic and leads.


SEO Tools Used By The
Best SEO Company in Chennai

Tools are the key to our success. These SEO Tools makes us the leading SEO Company in Chennai.

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Some Commonly Asked Doubts About SEO

The Leading SEO Agency in Chennai is here to clear all your doubts regarding SEO services in Chennai.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process to optimize a website based on several metrics to make it search engine friendly and rank it on top of Google and other search engines.

It is not a simple process though and competition to be on page one of search engines is very high. To understand SEO, one need to know how search engines like google function.

  • Crawl: Search Engines crawl the entire web using search engine bots called spiders and find new web pages on a daily basis.
  • Index: Once Crawled they index(save) the newly found web pages on their database.
  • Retrieval: When a user searches on the search engines with specific keywords, the search engines rank the web pages based on 200+ algorithms and show the most relevant result.

Only an experience SEO Agency in Chennai can help you with improving your rankings and achieve success through SEO.

Why Do I Need SEO Services For My Business?

For any business to thrive and grow online SEO is irreplaceable. Companies that do not embrace the digital world will loose potential customers. 

Majority of the people rely on search engines before making a purchase decision. From buying groceries to ordering mobile phones everything depends on who ranks on page on google and reviews from previous consumers. SEO will improve your leads and generate more business to you with high ROI. Our ROI Driven SEO Company in Chennai will assist you with all your SEO needs.

Do You Offer Free SEO Consultation In Chennai?

Yes, we provide free SEO Consultations to all our prospects. Once you contact us for SEO Services, our team will reach out to you for SEO Consultations.

Who Will Be Assigned To Work On My Account?

We at Growth Coven will assign a SEO expert in Chennai to manage your account. All our SEO specialists in Chennai have years of experience in seo and have helped many clients in achieving their business goals and drive more organic traffic to their websites. The SEO Specialists at Growth Coven report to SEO Manager who ensures all activities performed for you is of high quality.

How Do You Identify Keywords For Different Businesses?

Every business is unique and we have a Keyword Research Protocol to find the best profitable keyword for every industry. We start with a complete research and analysis of your business, products and services, target audience to understand your business. Once that's done we use various AI based tools to identify the perfect keyword to drive you more business and increase your ROI.

How Will You Study My Business?

The moment you approcah us for our top rated seo services in Chennai, our team will send you a questionnaire with all relevant questions about your business. Once you complete the form, our SEO Manager will get in a call with you to discuss about it and gain additional information from you regarding your business and goals. Based on all the information provided our team will perform a complete analysis to study your business.

How Do You Perform Competitor Analysis?

Our team of SEO Experts will create a list of keywords related to your business. Each keyword will be analyzed and a list of websites which are currently ranking on top of the search engines like google, bing etc. Once the sites are identified, we will use various competitor analysis tools like SEMrush, AHREF etc to completely analyze your competitor and find all their strategies.

When Can I Start Seeing SEO Results?

SEO is a long term process, but you can start seeing good results in 3 months for low competitive keywords. For highly competitive keywords it might take longer time depending on the industry.

How Often Do You Send SEO Reports?

Reports are very crucial to keep track of our work and the progress we make. Our SEO experts in Chennai document every step and also create full report on every activity performed. We send weekly SEO reports to all our clients to communicate about the project status. 

SEO Reports:

  • Keyword Ranking Position Report
  • On Page SEO Report
  • Backlink Creation Report
  • Google Analytics Traffic Report
What Is The Minimum Duration For SEO Service?

The success of a SEO campaign depends on various factors and one such main factor is the competition for the keywords we are trying to rank for. 

Also, search engines keep evolving and their algorithm updates changes the status quo of web rankings often.

Many people are under the impression that SEO Agencies in Chennai can help you rank on page one within a month but it is nothing but a myth. SEO is a long term process.

We often recommend our clients to sign up for a minimum period of six months to achieve success in the SEO Campaign.

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